Women’s Leadership in Afghanistan (2015): This research seeks to explain the endurance of female leadership in Afghanistan in both the public and private sectors. Research supported by the United States Institute for Peace (with Aarya Nijat).

Local Governance in Tajikistan (2012-2016): Four-year impact evaluation of local governance reform and decentralization efforts at sub-district level (jamoat) in rural Tajikistan. Supported by USAID and Government of Tajikistan.

Subnational Governance in Afghanistan (2012): Interviews and focus group discussions with Afghan government officials at national and subnational levels, civil society groups, customary governance representatives, diplomats, and international donor community.

Electoral Reform in Afghanistan (2011-2012): Designed nationally representative survey, population based-survey experiment, semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions for a research project that explored the impact of national and local electoral reform on representation and state building in Afghanistan. Supported by USAID and Democracy International.

Village Governance and Public Goods Provision in Rural Afghanistan (2006-8): Qualitative fieldwork in 32 villages across six provinces of rural Afghanistan, supported by the Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit with funding from the Japanese International Cooperation Agency.